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Property Management Specialist in National


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Publish Date: July 16th, 2014
Item Price: Variable
Location: National

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Lancaster is a professional property management specialist. We strive to provide you with what we believe property owners aren’t given at the moment; a superior service through the great level of communication we provide.

It is a top priority for us to see every property being managed as if it were our own; dealing with problems, maintaining it and proactively caring for each house as if it were a home that belonged to us.

Our main focus is to serve clients of 1 or 2 homes in Greece who require representation for general landlord or owner duties. (Inspections, cleaning and upkeep)

If you have just moved away from Greece please contact us with any queries or problems that you may have for any advice by email or through facebook at:

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Lancaster - Property Management Services

Location: National
Phone: (0030) 6980635088